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Since 1958 the White Stag Leadership program has delivered an exciting, high adventure outdoor experience for youth, teaching them how to become highly effective leaders. At White Stag we have always leveraged the outdoors as our “classroom”, providing a fast paced, fun, enthusiastic, and challenging week of camp. White Stag is an incredible opportunity for youth to invest a week of their life in exchange for an experience to learn core leadership skills in a stunning outdoor setting that will positively impact their lives forever.

Session 1

June 24th – June 30th, 2018

(White Stag Monterey’s Camp at Piney Creek)

Session 2

July 22nd – July 28th, 2018

(White Stag Monterey’s Camp at Piney Creek)

 About the Program

White Stag Leadership Development training is over 55-years old and teaches youth a specific set of leadership competencies. Our Venturing Crew works year-round to plan and present three week-long camps each summer. During the training week, campers get repeated opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills in small and large group settings. They develop plans for applying these skills in their home organizations, programs, family, and community. Experienced adults and trained youth leaders closely and continually monitor all elements of the program. The program is open to boys and girls who have completed the 5th grade and are not yet 18 years old.

About Our Name

We take our name from the White Stag of Hungarian legend, the symbol of the 1933 World Jamboree held in Hungary. This Jamboree was the last attended by the founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell. The White Stag was the symbol of challenge to reach for goals beyond one’s perceived limitations and thus a challenge to grow as human beings, a fitting symbol for a leadership program.

The History of White Stag

White Stag was founded in 1958 by educational psychologist Dr. Bela Banathy. He conceived the idea of a program that defined and taught specific leadership competencies to youth. With the input of other social scientists and the assistance of a key group of fellow Scouters, Bela formulated and tested a method for managing the learning of leadership skills. The program was adapted in 1972 by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America as the official nationwide Junior Leader Training Program.

How Our Program is Organized

Campers who range in age from 10 1/2 -18 naturally bring a wide variety of skills and needs to the leadership development program. Accordingly, the program is organized into three phases so that it may better meet the needs of all the participants.

Each phase is designed for a particular range of skills and level of maturity. Participants generally will be attracted to a particular phase, however phase placement is determined by experienced program administrators. To ensure placement, our staff reviews each registration form and when necessary, conducts personal interviews, and consults with parents, and prior phase leaders.

All three phases center on the development of leadership skills such as planning, knowing and using your resources, understanding and being sensitive to the needs and characteristics of your group, communication, and evaluation. The degree and emphasis with which the competencies are explored increase from phase to phase. Completion of Phase 1 is not required for acceptance into Phase 2. Similarly, completion of Phase 1 or Phase 2 is not required for acceptance into Phase 3.

The following are suggested guidelines for the placement of candidates. Final candidate placement will be the decision of the White Stag staff. Applicants seeking age exceptions are encouraged to attend Candidate-Day, however age exceptions are not guaranteed.

Phase 1

Group Member

For youth ages 10 ½-13 (and who have completed the 5th grade). Participants will experience the dynamics and power of a close-knit group. They are exposed to the responsibilities of group membership and to leadership skills. They go on one overnight backpacking trip.

Phase 2

Group Leadership Development

For youth ages 13 –15 (or 12 years with approval); camping and backpacking experience is desirable, but not necessary. Campers learn the skills of small group leaders. They are exposed to advanced levels of leadership competencies and are given guided opportunities to lead a small group. They will go on a multi night backpacking trip.

Phase 3

Large Group Leadership Development

For youth ages 15-18 (or 14 years with approval). Camping and backpacking experience is desirable, but not necessary. Campers learn the skills of a large group leader, leading small group leaders. They receive opportunities to practice leadership skills at the highest level in a high-adventure setting. Campers spend several days backpacking.


White Stag Leadership Mission

“To enhance the quality and character of individuals and empower them to influence their communities and environment in a positive manner.”

“Best camp I’ve been too! I’ve been going here for a while because I love it so much”
– Nathan Reed Jaggers

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“Excellent camps for youth to grow in! Staff is well trained, The food is great, and the best part is my children learned a lot while having a great time. They are still talking about it and singing the songs! Well Done White Stag!”
– Tom Weibert

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“This program helped both of my kids overcome some internal fears to go on to lead larger and larger groups both in and out of White Stag.”
– Jim

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White Stag Leadership Camp Has Been Serving the Youth Since 1958

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